Self-Employment Training (SET)

Self-Employment Training (SET)

You have an amazing business idea …. now what?  At the EBRC, our Self-Employment Training (SET) programming is designed to move you from that “light bulb” idea through the process of researching, planning and firming up your creative business idea, including writing your business plan.

Business concept topics include research, industry and technology trends, marketing and social media.  Business development takes you through financial planning and operational planning.  You will gain insight on taxes, insurance, profits and process, including an introduction to cash flow, HR and more.

We can help you SET the proper course for your business success.


Upcoming Sessions:

Let’s Talk Self-Employment (part 1)  October 7

Let’s Talk Self-Employment (part 2) October 15

All About Marketing  October 21

Rising Above the Competition (and guest speaker Tammy Caughill, Holistic Awakenings Day Spa) October 23

Doing Social Media Right October 28

HR: What You Need to Know (Guest Speaker Katherine Englander, HRP4B) October 30

Making Sense of Your Numbers (and Guest Speaker John Gurr, Gurr Auto) November 4

My Business is Up and Running…Now What? November 6


Time: All classes are held from 9 am – 12 noon
Location: EBRC, 300 South Edgeware Road, St. Thomas